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How Cloud Enables Digital Transformation for Small and Medium Businesses Whether you are an owner of a thriving small business or a decision maker at an established enterprise, you cannot ignore digital technology. Businesses worldwide are going digital to deliver compelling experiences to customers, which is becoming a key differentiating factor. The rise of social and mobile have increased the discoverability of businesses. Consumers are turning to social media to find the right product and retailers based on recommendations and reviews from their friends. Before embracing social media, it is important for businesses to have a visible online presence. Having a website is the first step towards adopting the digital transformation strategy. It becomes the focal point for establishing a strong online presence, which will be amplified through search engine optimizatio... (more)

Strong User Experiences | @CloudExpo @Catchpoint #DevOps #APM #WebPerf

Delivering Strong User Experiences in This Increasingly Digital World This article was originally published as a byline for CMS Wire. Given the increasing reliance on digital systems to accomplish many everyday tasks, there’s no denying the performance — specifically, speed, and reliability — of these systems is critical to ensuring end users will have a positive experience. At the forefront are industry giants like Google and Facebook, which are constantly pushing the limits of speed through innovative delivery techniques. While consumers welcome endeavors like Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Project and Facebook’s Instant Articles, they also raise the bar for all internet companies. In this environment, companies that fail to meet users’ tough performance expectations will soon find themselves falling behind the competition — not just in terms of performa... (more)

Zuora Seeks Cloud's Silver Lining

Zuora, the Marc Benioff-backed on-demand billing and payments start-up, has announced what it calls the Z-Commerce Platform, a development platform dedicated to monetizing cloud computing services. Zuora CEO Tien Tzuo describes the widgetry as the start-up’s most important product announcement to date, “a big step towards our vision of being the de facto commerce engine for the cloud.” With Z-Billing, Z-Payments, and Z-Force, its existing products, the company’s supposed to have a suite of business cloud solutions focused on driving revenue from cloud computing. It figures there’s huge market potential for a provider of cloud-based commerce capabilities such as subscription billing and payments given predictions like Merrill Lynch’s that puts the addressable market for cloud computing at $160 billion, including $95 billion in business and productivity applications.... (more)

Why Do 'Cool Kids' Choose Ruby or PHP to Build Websites Instead of Java?

Coach Wei's Blog Here is a question that I have been pondering on and off for quite a while: Why do "cool kids" choose Ruby or PHP to build websites instead of Java? I have to admit that I do not have an answer. Why do I even care? Because I am a Java developer. Like many Java developers, I get along with Java well. Not only the language itself, but the development environments (Eclipse for example), step-by-step debugging helper, wide availability of libraries and code snippets, and the readily accessible information on almost any technical question I may have on Java via Google. Last but not least, I go to JavaOne and see 10,000 people that talk and walk just like me. The other reason that I ponder this question is that  the power of Java is a perfect fit for the areas where websites may need more than markups or scripting, such as middleware logic. PHP and Ruby etc ... (more)

i-Technology 2008 Predictions: Where's RIAs, AJAX, SOA and Virtualization Headed in 2008?

2007 was undoubtedly the year of Social Networking, but what of 2008? Will '08 be the year of "Unified Communications" or the year when CMS comes to stand for "Community Management System" - or even "Collaboration Management System"? Or will it be the year of a giga-merger, to beat the mere mega-mergers of 2007? As usual at the end of each year, SYS-CON has been informally polling its globe-girdling network of software developers, industry executives, commentators, investors, writers, and editors. As always, the range and depth of their answers is fascinating, throwing light not just on where the industry is going but also how it's going to get there, why, because of who, within what kind of time-scale. Enjoy! RIAs versus AJAX . Ruby on Rails . PHP . Facebook Competitors  TIM BRAY Director of Web Technologies, Sun Tim Bray managed the Oxford English Dictionary projec... (more)

Bluenog Releases ICE 4.5 to Enterprise 2.0 Community

Bluenog has announced the availability of Bluenog ICE 4.5, the only Enterprise 2.0 application development platform built on pre-integrated open source collaboration, content management, presentation and reporting projects. ICE 4.5 is the new release of Bluenog's award winning flagship commercial product. Its Integrated Collaborative Environment of content management, portal, and business intelligence software now includes an Enterprise Wiki, secure group calendaring features and enhanced centralized administration. ICE 4.5 aggregates functionality from over a dozen popular open source projects into a single commercial product, with additional integration and features, all supported by Bluenog. This pre-integration eliminates the need for developers to manually code features such as security permissions and access to legacy systems across all their applications. "... (more)

Adobe Advances Web Application Development

Adobe Systems on Monday announced the immediate availability of Adobe Flash Builder 4 and ColdFusion Builder software, next generation Flash Platform tooling for building multi-platform rich Internet applications (RIAs). In addition, Adobe added a new Social service to the recently introduced Adobe Flash Platform Services. The Social service streamlines integration between Web applications and 14 leading social networks using Facebook Connect, Sign-in with Twitter, MySpaceID and LinkedIn. Flash Builder 4 accelerates rich Internet application development Flash Builder 4 (formerly Adobe Flex Builder) is a professional-grade Eclipse based development tool for rapidly building multi-platform rich Internet applications (RIAs) and content using the open source Flex framework. Developers can build more intuitive Web applications that enable customers, partners, and employe... (more)

JDJ Asks...IBM

Don Ferguson is IBM's lead for the EJB and J2EE specification evolution. His work has focused on CORBA-based SM solutions and frameworks, and evolved into an effort to define frameworks and system structure for CORBA-based object transaction monitors. The early design and prototype of these systems produced the IBM Component Broker and WebSphere family of products. JDJ readers asked him the following questions about IBM and Java. : Is IBM investigating the option of pushing SWT through the JCP? If so, what specifics can you give? : We don't have any plans to submit SWT to the JCP; Sun wouldn't allow this. Actually, we've positioned SWT as a technology to create advanced visual interfaces for the creation of compelling development tools. While we've seen SWT being used by some subscribers to the Eclipse toolkit, this was not our original inte... (more)

CMS 200 from Ektron, Inc.

I have always considered Ektron's eWebEditPro to be the best, easiest to integrate, and most innovative Web-based WYSIWYG component available. Many software vendors apparently concur with this assessment, for you can find the product embedded in a number of CMS systems ranging from Allaire Spectra to Microsoft Content Management Server 2002. It should come as no surprise then that Ektron, seeking to capitalize on the success of their award-winning editor, launched a series of content-management products that interoperate with ColdFusion 4.x, 5.x, Microsoft Active Server Pages, Microsoft ASP.NET, and PHP. Ektron CMS 200 is their mid-range offering, falling between their entry-level product (CMS 100) and their enterprise CF-only product eMPower. Out-of-the-Box Functionality Ektron's CMS 200 includes the following "out-of-the-box" features: "Anywhere Authoring" through t... (more)

NQcontent V2 from NetQuest

Every day it seems as if another content management system (CMS) is popping up on the horizon, many of them built using ColdFusion. Typically, these CMSs contain the same type of functionality. They: Allow users who don't know HTML to add and edit content easily Display content using a template system and integrated style sheets Create user accounts and assign security permissions allowing certain users to perform only certain tasks Allow content to be indexed and subsequently searched by the user Modify system settings that control certain functionality of the site Perform workflow and/or versioning control over content Covering the Basics NQcontent performs all this functionality with aplomb. The Articles Management content is displayed in a hierarchical tree format, with unlimited nodes and levels. Available options are displayed with DHTML - which only works prope... (more)

DevCon 2002

Another ColdFusion Developers Conference has officially come and gone. All in all, this year's conference, held October 27-30 in Orlando, Florida, was a huge success, both in terms of attendance (well over 2,000) and content. I'll begin with my personal view of the conference and then share some thoughts from CFDJ List members I had a chance to talk with. My first observation was that this year's conference was all about the MX suite - not just ColdFusion but the entire gamut of MX products. Past DevCons were very much more CF-centric: discussing the ColdFusion Server, CFML, CF Studio, and even integrating CF with other technologies. While this year's conference offered little for designers, Macromedia did a good job familiarizing attendees with their many new products - all of which integrate very well with each other, and result in an increase in efficiency and cr... (more)